Sunday, November 28, 2004

Last 2004 Update (Probably)

If you're reading this it's probably because you came here by accident. I rarely update this site and will probably not do so again until after the first of the year--2057. This is because my CPU consists of chicken wire wrapped around a flashlight battery. And also because I don't have enough RAM to get a sheep pregnant.

But as long as you're here...

I am currently involved with two Manhattan Neighborhood Network public access TV shows:

Atheist Viewpoint, which is produced by American Atheists, Inc. and is taped at American Atheists HQ in New Jersey. I co-host the show with Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists. She is my fearless leader. "Viewpoint" can be seen on Sundays at 1:30PM on MNN Channel 56.

NYC Atheists Live! (On Tape), which is sponsored by New York City Atheists, Inc, of which I am a board member (lucky them!). I am the host of this show and like to think of myself as the David Letterman of the Hopelessly Damned. "Live! (On Tape)" can be seen on Thursday evenings at 8PM on MNN Channel 67.

So you see, not only am I an atheist, but I play one on TV!

Both shows are shown in the boro of Manhattan, but "Atheist Viewpoint" is shown in almost 50 markets throughout the U.S. They deal with issues of importance to atheists, freethinkers and anyone who is interested in maintaining absolute separation of church and state. If you have suggestions, comments or questions use the contact information provided in the context of the shows. Or you can do your bitching here.

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XaurreauX said...

Additional information regarding the show: Manhattan Neighborhood Network now does live streaming of its programming. If you want to view "NYC Atheists Live! (On Tape)" on the Internet in your area, go to You will see icons displaying the four MNN channels. Click on the icon for Channel 67. These are not archived, so in order to view the show you must click on the icon at 8PM EST. If for instance, you are watching from Texas you would have to go to the site at 7PM your time. If you want to watch from the United Kingdom you are crazy to still be awake at that hour, but the streaming would be 1AM your time.

This information also applies to "Atheist Viewpoint" which is also shown on MNN Channel 67 at 1PM Sundays. If you want to watch from the UK you will be too late for tea time, but you can watch it over dinner or snack on stale scones. Just trying to help. ;-)