Monday, March 28, 2005

31st Annual American Atheists Convention

I'm only updating because I was shamed into it by the owner of who has been updating his blog since before he had a blog!

I attended the 31st Annual American Atheists Convention held at the Hyatt at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, PA. I specifically name the hotel because their service to us was exceptional and I feel they deserve mention. If you ever patronize the Hyatt at Penn's Landing be sure to mention they were recommended by someone who attended the atheists convention.

I spent most of the time running back and forth and up and down the elevators waylaying some of our eminent guests, speakers and performers for taped interviews on my local public access cable TV show, "NYC Atheists Live! (On Tape)*." One of the guests was Dr. David Eller, author of the book Natural Atheism, a real coup as he is one of my heroes. Other guests included two atheist activists from Alabama (of all places!), a married couple and their son who were forced to leave a small town in that center of culture and enlightenment, Mississippi, when they complained to school officials that their son's teacher was holding prayer and Bible study in the public school in violation of the U.S. and Mississippi constitutions. Needless to say, it became a local media event and the knuckle draggers in the local media deliberately filmed their residence and published their home address so that they would be harrassed and exposed to danger. They were unable to pursue legal avenues because no attorneys in Mississippi were willing to risk their careers to defend them. In a similar incident in that state ten years earlier the attorney representing the party was ostracized and to this day is considered a pariah and cannot get employment. If I have time I will post more on this incident. Another guest on the show was Lori Lynner, a singer/guitarist/actress/dancer who performed a selection from her recently released CD, "(Little Extremes)". For more information regarding Lori's CD please go to her website, Again, time permitting, I will post photos.

I would encourage all atheists, agnostics, freethinkers and liberal religionists to become active in toilet training the government to obey its own laws. Besides, when you stay in hotels you get to keep those cute little shower caps and shampoo bottles.

OK, rant is over...for now.

*For information regarding when the show is seen in NYC see one of my posts below.

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X-man {shakin'head}

Since I've not been on the Yahoo Atheist Message Boards much lately (I finally got sick of now or then's determination in disagreeing with anything anyone posts! LOL!) I've kinda missed some of yer wise-crackin' man.

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